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Welcome to the Buccarello Style Edit!

In this blog series, we’ll be writing about some of our favourite Buccarello Jewellery products, as well as tips on how to style them. Plus, we’ll also be giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into the day-to-day running of our semi-fine jewellery brand.

For our first Buccarello blog entry, we wanted to share a little bit of insight into the person behind the name. We sat down with founder and lead artisan, Sofia Buccarello for a quick Q&A. Sofia has been designing and creating jewellery since 2014, so safe to say that she knows a thing about jewellery or two...

Let’s dive into the interview!

Hi Sofia, have you always loved jewellery since you were young?

I discovered my love for jewellery about 10 years ago almost by chance. It came naturally, almost as a need to find my way into a creative field but I didn’t know which one yet. When I was little I used to spend my days drawing and colouring, so everyone thought I’d follow the artistic path!

But it was only later at university when I studied art and fell in love with fashion and design, that jewellery became part of my life. The incredible raw materials from nature and the stunning work some artists can do. I think that’s amazing and it comes out extraordinary in jewellery.

What made you decide to start designing and creating your own jewellery?​​

I think the desire to create something beautiful from scratch. I started in my bedroom with the tools I had at home where I discovered a deep passion for stones and mixing the colour combinations. I went on a jewellery design course which confirmed to me that jewellery was my path.

How long does it typically take you to create a piece - such as a pearl necklace for example?

The process itself is not that long, but the design and inspiration behind a piece is. Sometimes I sit in front of the pearls for hours trying to combine them but nothing good comes out of it. I also take a long time to select the right pearls for each item I make. Especially when ordering online, I want the person who receives the jewellery to look at it and say: "it’s perfect."

Some pieces in the collection need to be manufactured, so, from the initial design process - together with the goldsmith, production, and plating - can take up to 4 to 5 weeks. The research, the selection, and procurement of materials, the choice of the final design is also what takes a long time too.

What are some of your favourite Buccarello Jewellery pieces?

The Vanessa necklace was the first item I designed for Buccarello and it is still one of our best sellers. I would also say the Penelope earrings because of the hammered gold part that I designed. I am very proud of the design we created and the quality level we reached with the gold plating.

And finally, the jewelled Kajsa top, made of a gorgeous silky bandana fabric with a removable pearl necklace. I designed it from scratch and love the combination of clothing and jewellery. It is something I hope to explore more one day.

How do you like to style them?

I would wear the Penelope earrings on special occasions or to go out. They are such a bright addition to an outfit they certainly don’t need anything else!  

The Vanessa necklace is literally perfect with any outfit - casual or elegant! From a turtle neck or a warm cardigan co ord set, to a blouse with jeans. It’s also great to wear on work days too as it’s not too bold and overwhelming.

I personally love it on t-shirts too for a more put together look, even when I'm not feeling it much! I would wear it alone or layered with a Marta or a Giulia necklace for a more statement look.

What are your plans for the future with Buccarello?

I intend to carry on creating beautiful jewellery pieces and keep researching  innovative ways of improving the quality of the materials we use. My ultimate dream would be to one day have a physical store where I could also meet my customers!

And now for some more light-hearted questions. What series are you watching right now?

I have just finished Maid on Netflix, the super realistic story of a young woman who faces real challenges trying to create a better life for her and her daughter. Eye opening!

Are you more of a cat or dog person?

Absolutely cat! I have a beautiful grumpy and fluffy old lady called Min.  You might see her on our Instagram stories!

Do you have a favourite accessory - besides jewellery?

I am a fashion follower. I have to admit it. So shoes, bags, belts, all of them! Right now probably heels…a good pair of shoes and some jewellery can truly make an outfit.

Which do you prefer...pizza or pasta?

Oh, this is a hard one! Probably pasta. I just love a good plate of pasta because it can be healthy, but still delicious!

And finally, what's your favourite holiday destination?

It has to be my Leuca.

It's not really a proper holiday destination for me as it’s where I work all summer at the jewellery stand, but I love it so much because it really feels like a holiday. Leuca is the furthest south point of Puglia, in Italy.

It's a very small village, so besides the tourists, there are a lot of people who just come back every year like me. I really know everyone! I go swimming at the beach everyday to recharge and clear my head. Plus it’s like going back to my roots because it’s where half of my family is from.


Great, thank you for the interview Sofia! If you'd like to browse our Buccarello jewellery products, you can shop our collection here.

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