Jewellery Care

Handle them with care and love

How to take care of your jewels

The quality of the plating is really important to us. Nevertheless plated items are subject to variation, due to time and wear, ph of the skin and how they are handled.

Our tips to keep them as beautiful as possible are:

- Store them in individual pouches and if you can a sealable container prevents them from scratching against each other.

- The oxidation can be slowed down by wearing your items often, so... wear them and love them as much as you can!

- We advise you to avoid contact with water, oils and perfumes.

- Store them in dry, cool places as humidity can also alter the metal

- Wipe them with a clean dry cloth. A sunglasses' cloth is perfect.

Gemstones can also be subject to alteration. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade their colour especially to the Quartz family.

Porous gemstones (such as Lapis and Turquoise) in particular should never come into contact with oils and creams as they can get absorbed causing permanent discoloration.

Sterling silver can be cleaned with a jewellery cloth and it will go back to its splendour most of the times.

Pearls are natural materials made by a living thing. They can be fragile and react to external factors.

Oils, creams and perfumes can alter the colour of the pearls.

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