About Us

How Our Journey Began

I started selling jewellery in a summer market facing the sea in the south of Italy in 2014.
I would go back there every summer after school period first and my winter exams at the University after. I studied fashion business and history of art before so I new I had to find my way in a creative field and I found it in Jewellery.
The search for new materials, lustrous pearls, and faceted stones were the most exciting things. During my Jewellery design course in Milan I have also learned the techniques and skills that helped me with my designs.

Our Brand

After few years of selling at the market stall I built a list of returning customers (some turned into friends) and a community that kept me motivated and pushed me to create Buccarello Jewellery brand online.

Today we are a very small family led business.

For us two things are the most important: quality of materials and relationship with our customers. And no, it is not your stereotyped phrases I truly believe in this!

Our Vision

We mostly use 925 silver sourced it Italy.
Although we are aware and recognise that Italy hosts some of highest quality materials and skills, other materials we use are sourced from other countries.
Ethiopia and Australia have the most beautiful opals, China harvests some of the best freshwater pearls and India and Pakistan have a great variety of semiprecious stones.
Our brand is “designed and made in Italy” by Italian artisan (at the moment I am the only one but hopefully we will grow soon!), but we source globally, always striving for the best.
We have been using pearls since day one and we take pride of their quality!
Always taking into consideration that pearls are imperfect and we also love them for this reason, nonetheless our pearls go through an accurate selection.

Buccarello Jewellery offers pieces that embodies a strong femininity and often characterised by asymmetry: a celebration of a woman multifaceted strengths.