Our Materials

A step closer to fine jewellery...

We mostly produce our jewellery in gold vermeil (silver which has been gilded in gold). All our pieces are made in sterling silver and stamped with the 925 hallmark which is used to identify genuine sterling silver jewellery.


The plating is obtained by a process called "electrolysis" during which particles of gold get 'attached' to the metal. The plate ranges between 2 to 3 microns thick.

But we didin't stop there! 

Buccarello Jewellery strives to create the best quality of semi-fine jewellery available on the market getting as close as we possibly can to fine jewellery.

Some of our latest designs receive an extra treatment called "e-coating" to make our plating more durable and shiny for much longer!

We take pride in ensuring we deliver the best quality and personal service to all our customers. We are never complacent; instead we continue to research and find innovative ways to improve the quality of our craftsmanship and raw materials.